If you have an image you’d like to see burnt into wood send me a JPEG (the higher the resolution and quality the better). If you’re in the Edmonton area we can also arrange a face to face consultation.

Original Compositions

I can also create an original composition based on a subject of your choice (eg. Salmon swimming up stream, mountain climber, motorcycle).


Once I’ve had a look at your image and/or we’ve discussed other requirements such as subject matter, compositions, inscriptions and design elements I’ll provide you a price estimate.

If the price is too your liking, I’ll sketch up a sample of what your piece will look like (a deposit may be required).

When the sketch is approved I’ll proceed with the burning. Substantial changes to my proposed composition may result in a revised estimate. I’ll be very upfront about this.

After the burning is complete, three coats of Minwax polycrylic protective finish will be applied to protect your art from light and add some nice gloss.

Christmas season can be a busy time so please contact me early if you’re looking for an original created as a gift.

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